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I was always good at math in school, it just made perfect sense to me. I have heard the argument that math takes way less creativity so many times, some people even saying that in a way, it takes less thought than a humanities subject, like literature or history, but that’s just ridiculous, mathematics can be just as creative as writing!

Now I don’t think that pure computation, just adding, subtracting and solving using straight formulae, things that any computer could do for you is particularly creative, but there is huge amounts of creativity in developing new ideas and concepts in math that actually turn out to be immensely useful in other sciences, as well as using already existing ideas and concepts to solve problems and proofs that they were never initially meant for.

Without a doubt, solving any truly complex mathematical problem requires creativity, because often to prove that something is true or false you first have to prove the opposite by finding a counterexample. Just doing that requires using deep creative thinking, more that any rote-learned high school formulae can give you.

Besides, what so many people fail to realize is that creativity is wholly in the eye of the beholder, you can never truly define what is or is not creative, just as you cannot teach someone to be creative. You can give them the tools to use their intelligence and tap into a natural creativity, just as you can teach someone to paint, but you can never teach someone to use original thought and creativity and invent new theories and ideas.

I’m sorry for ranting, but when your parents are an author and a history professor, and your older sister is an artist, it’s hard to convince them that there are different forms of creativity in the world, and that on a basic level, people’s differences and personalities will determine where creativity lies in them, after all, science and mathematics are rooted in inventing and discovering, and how can one invent something without creativity?

All this, because I got a job at one of the top accounting firm in Melbourne, and because I’m truly excited about it!

I wholeheartedly wish my family would understand that I find it fascinating, and that what interests them so keenly I would never voluntarily do. It is kind of funny though, because the stereotype is the artistic child rebelling against the traditionalist and math-oriented parents, and here I am wanting to be an accountant, you would think they would be pushing me in this direction in the first place, but no luck there!


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