Wedding in country Victoria

Wedding in country Victoria

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There is a reason why my daughter ended up having a winery wedding in country Victoria. From the moment her boyfriend proposed to her, my daughter was convinced she wants a small private ceremony at my house. It is safe to say that this plan was not exactly ideal for me. This is largely due to my son. He also insisted on having his wedding at my house. By the time the event ended, the house was a mess. The walls were almost completely destroyed. Several of my vases were smashed and my garden was trampled. One of his old school friends even spilled alcohol all over my white carpet.

Distressed, I confided in one of my friends who explained that she had a similar issue. She told me that she avoided hosting a wedding at her house by suggesting somewhere even better.

So I set out to convince my daughter to have a winery wedding. After all, my husband and I got married in one of the wineries near Ballarat. It was a beautiful ceremony overlooking a vineyard and the reception was in the winery restaurant. My plan was to subtly convince my daughter to have her wedding in a winery wedding venue. I wanted to do this without outright telling her I did not want her wedding to be at my house.

So I approached my daughter and convinced her to come see a few of the best winery wedding venues in Melbourne. At first, she wasn’t very keen on the idea. She didn’t want to have to invite more people and argued it would be too expensive. But after reassuring her that the venue will allow her to have a low guest count and that her father and I would help financially, she agreed.

I was so relieved. Not only is my house safe, but also my daughter will have a beautiful winery wedding just like her parents did. The good thing about a wedding at a winery is that it is truly no fuss. It is simple, classy and perfect for anyone seeking an intimate and small wedding.


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